Turning Point

Star Trek: Intrepid

This is an episode of a fan-made series whose storyline may be invalidated by later official studio productions.

Stardate not given: Shortly after the capture of a group of Orion Syndicate raiders aboard a Federation merchant navy ship, Lt. Cole is interrogating the Orion leader. As it turns out, the only information the Orion cares to divulge has to do with Cole’s own checkered past. It’s an encounter that puts Cole’s past in a new light – and his future in doubt.

Watch Itwritten by Nick Cook
directed by Alan Christison, Stephen Pasqua & Nick Cook
music by Bodo Hartwig / Intrepid theme by Dylan Feeney

Cast: Alan Christison (Commander Navar), Steven Pasqua (Lt. Cole), Gordon Dickson (Kashid-Zar), Jay Clark (PO Jaden Antos), Chris Cassell (Security Guard)

Review: Following on directly from the previous short, Where There’s A Sea…, Turning Point delivers another compact, economic piece of drama that moves the plot – both political and character-oriented – of Intrepid forward significantly. In six minutes and change.

Star Trek: Intrepid - Turning PointEven moreso than its predecessor, Turning Point is shot entirely practical, with no composite work and, aside from an opening shot of the ship, no CG work whatsoever. In fact, the whole thing’s actually shot on a single set. (Why three directors? I think that’s down to something we used to call the “Jump Cut City method” – whoever wasn’t in a given shot was behind the camera.) The stark lighting works well in this case, and the whole thing is very well performed and put together; even the sound is acceptable this time.

While some fan films’ vignettes are taster pieces – intended to keep the eagerly-waiting fans happy between full-length episodes – I admire the Intrepid team’s willingness to dare to advance the storyline in these short pieces. It all adds up to an intriguing whole.