Star Trek ClassicStardate 5373.4: A visit to the Guardian of Forever goes wrong somehow, erasing Spock from history. Though the Vulcan returns to the 23rd century along with Kirk, no one recognizes Spock, and an Andorian named Thalen is serving as the Enterprise’s first officer. Spock uses the Guardian to travel 30 years into his own past, at the point when the new timeline’s history says Spock died as a boy on Vulcan. Passing himself off as his own cousin, Spock watches as his younger self sneaks away in the night, scared to undergo a grueling rite of passage. The younger Spock is followed by I’Chiya, his aging pet sehlat, who sacrifices its life to save Spock from a predatory creature. Having saved his own life, the elder Spock now worries that the unexpected death of I’Chiya may change his future yet again.

Order the DVDswritten by D.C. Fontana
directed by Hal Sutherland
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael

Star TrekGuest Voice Cast: Mark Lenard (Sarek), James Doohan (Commander Thalen), Majel Barrett (Amanda Grayson), James Doohan (Officer #1), James Doohan (Officer #2), Majel Barrett (Historian), James Doohan (Alien Historian), James Doohan (Vulcan Healer), James Doohan (Guardian of Forever)

LogBook entry by Earl Green