Spock Vs. Q

Spock Vs. QUsing the Guardian of Forever, Spock travels back to the twilight of the 20th century to warn humanity of an impending asteroid collision – one which history doesn’t record. The unflappable Vulcan is annoyed when an omnipotent being named Q appears, frustrating Spock’s efforts to save Earth from disaster. Spock quickly learns, however, that he can manipulate Q almost as well as Q can manipulate time, space and matter, and sets about engaging Q in a battle of wits that, if Spock wins, will mean that Q must put his powers to use to set history right.

Order this CDwritten by Cecelia Fannon

Cast: Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), John de Lancie (Q)

Notes: Recorded before a live audience as part of Nimoy and de Lancie’s Alien Voices live radio project, Spock Vs. Q was a pet project for both actors; there are no other cast members at all. The dialogue is clearly rooted in the late 90s, with references to infomercials, Seinfeld, and “yadda, yadda, yadda” thrown into the mix. If one is going to actually try to fit this into the Star Trek timeline, it is hinted that Spock is already in his post-Starfleet, Next Generation-era diplomatic career, though if one is going to try to slot this into continuity somewhere, one might as well blame the mystery asteroid threat on the temporal cold war.

LogBook entry by Earl Green