Life Support

Star Trek: Deep Space NineStardate 48498.4: Vedek Bareil is severely injured in an accident aboard a Bajoran transport ferrying him and Kai Winn to groundbreaking peace negotiations with the Cardassians. Bareil dies, but Bashir is able to jump- start the Vedek’s brain again, reviving him with some very unconventional surgical techniques. Winn needs Bareil’s advice, as only he is fully conversant with the treaty being discussed, but the prospects of keeping Bareil alive without putting him in stasis are not hopeful, and despite Bashir’s strictest protests Bareil will not rest or allow himself to be put into stasis. As the peace talks reach a critical stage, the only option left to keep Bareil’s knowledge of the treaty available will rob him of his humanity and eventually his life.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonteleplay by Ronald D. Moore
story by Christian Ford & Roger Soffer
directed by Reza Badiyi
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Philip Anglim (Vedek Bareil), Louise Fletcher (Kai Winn), Aron Eisenberg (Nog), Lark Voorhies (Leanne), Ann Gillespie (Nurse Jabara), Andrew Prine (Legate Turrel), Eva Loseth (Riska), Kevin Carr (Bajoran)

LogBook entry by Earl Green