Star Trek: EnterpriseAs the Enterprise approaches a triple star system, Archer is forced to bring the ship to a crawl to avoid the unusual gravitational stresses. The crew looks forward to taking things easy for the duration of the flyby at impulse power. Lt. Reed proposes a battle-readiness status for both the ship and crew, though Archer is initially a little dubious about the proposal for a “Reed alert.” But as T’Pol works on a sensor sweep of the three stars, she notices that the crew is becoming irritable and obsessive. Dr. Phlox sees the signs of the growing problem after conducting tests on Ensign Mayweather all night – but he, too, is too absorbed in all the possible implications of that discovery to innoculate the crew against the immediate threat. In fact, T’Pol is the only member of the crew immune to the effects, which she links to unique radiation interactions among the stars. She plots the only possible course out of the system…only to find that it’s one she can’t fly solo.

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxwritten by Chris Black
directed by Patrick Norris
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Matthew Kaminsky (Cunningham) and Porthos

Notes: This episodes does indeed show the beginnings of red alert on Starfleet vessels, as well as Trip’s accurate assessment that Reed’s early ideas for an audible alert signal sounds like “a bag full of cats.”

LogBook entry by Earl Green