Favorite Son

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 50732.4: Ensign Kim fires without warning or explanation on an alien ship. This startling action has apparently saved Voyager, but Harry continues to “remember&quo;t things about a place he’s never been. When more Nasari ships appear to press the attack, Voyager is saved by a Taresian vessel and escorted to their homeworld with the surprising news that Harry is actually a Taresian – conceived in the Delta Quadrant and taken to Earth for fosterage unknown to his human parents. The Taresians bend over backwards to welcome Harry back to the fold, even preparing him for their form of multiple marriage, but Harry and the crew sense something amiss.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Brannon Braga
story by Lisa Klink
directed by Marvin V. Rush
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Cari Shayne (Eliann), Deborah May (Lyris), Patrick Fabian (Taymon), Kelli Kirkland (Rinna), Kristanna Loken (Malia), Christopher Carroll (Alex), Irene Tsu (Mrs. Kim)

LogBook entry by Paul Campbell