Star Trek: EnvoyStardate 9029.2: The Excelsior is assigned to visit the warring worlds of Krikiki and Den-Kai to negotiate a peace – and possibly to make overtures that could lead to both civilizations joining the Federation. Captain Sulu’s orders from Starfleet are clear: adhere to both worlds’ customs and protocols, and establish a dialogue. But paradoxically, Sulu is supposed to start this dialogue without being able to directly address anyone he meets at first. The first person he meets turns out to be a walking peace offering – the son of the Krikiki ruler is being sent to the Den-Kai Queen, but only after he has already been tortured, his vocal cords cut and his legs broken. Sulu struggles to maintain his imprtiality in his mission and his silence, and learns from the song of a trio of Krikiki that the young prince is certain to face more of the same treatment when he arrives at the Den-Kai palace. But Sulu doesn’t have to worry about his misgivings over his assignment for long: the Den-Kai send a group of extremists to collect the peace offering, and they attack the Starbase where the handover is to take place. Sulu sees an opportunity to take matters into his own hands, regardless of the Den-Kai’s customs, even though doing so may make the diplomatic situation considerably worse.

Order this CDwritten by L.A. Graf
additional dialogue by George Truett
directed by Karen Frillman
music by Meredith Monk

Cast: George Takei (Captain Sulu), Howard McGillin (Ru’Krell / Starbase Computer), Jenifer Lewis (Interpreter), Nan Martin (Admiral Tsubar), Meredith Monk (Krikiki Ensemble Director), Essene R. (Shuttlecraft Computer)

Notes: Howard McGillin also starred in the audio adaptation of the CD-ROM game Star Trek: Borg. Actress Jenifer Lewis has made no prior Star Trek appearances, but has a steady career in film and television and on Broadway; her one-woman show “The Diva Is Dismissed” earned two NAACP Theatre Awards. Nan Martin previously appeared in Haven, one of the earliest episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. “L.A. Graf,” credited as this story’s author, is actually a pseudonym for writers Karen Rose Cercone and Julia Ecklar, who have penned numerous classic Star Trek novels including the Janus Gate trilogy, and the novelization of the Voyager premiere movie, Caretaker.

LogBook entry by Earl Green