Dark Frontier – Part II

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate 32611.4: Explorers Magnus and Erin Hansen set an unauthorized course to research a new alien race they’ve been monitoring, a race they call the Borg. The Hansens have developed an ingenious means of camouflaging their ship, and even masking their own life signs from Borg sensors so they can board one of their massive cubes. But when their camouflage fails and the Borg take notice of the Raven, the Hansens inadvertently attract the attention of the Collective not only to themselves, but to humanity. They – and their daughter Annika – become the first humans to be assimilated by the Borg.

Stardate 52619.2: Annika Hansen, now known as Seven of Nine, has been coerced to rejoin the Borg Collective. However, as she watches the Borg Queen mount a mission to conquer and assimilate an entire planet’s population, Seven realizes that her time aboard Voyager has given her not only freedom, but a compassion that the Borg lack. Meanwhile, Captain Janeway and her crew launch their most hazardous rescue mission yet – an attempt to rescue a crewmate from the very heart of the Borg Collective itself.

Order the DVDswritten by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky
directed by Terry Windell
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Susanna Thompson (Borg Queen), Kirk Baily (Magnus Hansen), Laura Stepp (Erin Hansen), Scarlett Pomers (Naomi Wildman), Katelin Petersen (Annika Hansen), Eric Cadora (Alien)

LogBook entry by Earl Green