One Moment Of Humanity

Space: 1999A power loss cripples Moonbase Alpha and freezes the crew as a humanoid woman materializes in the command center. Claiming to be curious about humanity, she abducts Dr. Russell and Tony Verdeschi with a promise to return them unharmed. Despite this, Koenig begins making rescue preparations as soon as the Moonbase’s uninvited visitor leaves. Dr. Russell and Tony find themselves on an alien world when lifelike robots have turned the tables on their former masters; the humans are now the underclass, and they advise Russell not to employ violence in any form. The robots are trying to learn about human emotions, hoping to understand the link between hate and the urge to kill…and if their test subjects do display that emotion, the robots will finally learn how to ultimately subdue the humans.

Order the DVDswritten by Tony Barwick
directed by Charles Crichton
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), Nick Tate (Alan Carter), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), Billie Whitelaw (Zamara), Leigh Lawson (Zarl), Geoffrey Bayldon (Number Eight)

LogBook entry by Earl Green