Devil’s Planet

Space: 1999Investigating an Earthlike planet, Commander Koenig and junior pilot Blake Maine discover that there’s already life there – complete with technologically advanced cities. But upon landing, they discover the grisly sight of a number of dead people – with no injuries visible. Another man appears in some sort of teleportal, staggers out, and dies before their very eyes. Koenig and Maine leave immediately in their Eagle, but a quick visit to that planet’s equally habitable moon results in a crash-landing in a jungle. They watch as another man, dressed like the one who died earlier, is hunted down by red-uniformed women. Koenig and Maine interfere with the hunt, and Koenig is captured by the women while his pilot is killed. Now Koenig is the prisoner of Mistress Elizia, a cruel queen who has anticipated everything from an Alphan rescue mission to Koenig’s inevitable escape attempts. But the one thing she doesn’t anticipate is the possibility that Koenig may prefer death to captivity.

Order the DVDswritten by Michael Winder
directed by Tom Clegg
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), Hildegard Neil (Elizia), Roy Marsden (Krail), Dora Reisser (Interrogator), Cassandra Harris (Sares / Controller), Angus MacInnes (Jelto), Arthur White (Kinano), Michael Dickinson (Blake Maine), John Hug (Fraser), Alibe Parsons (Alibe), Sam Dastor (Dr. Ed Spencer)

Notes: This is an unusual episode in that Martin Landau is the only member of the regular cast to appear; though scenes of Verdeschi, Maya and Dr. Russell are viewed as Koenig’s brain is scanned, all of that footage is from previous episodes.

LogBook entry by Earl Green