Catacombs Of The Moon

Space: 1999A mining crew from Alpha searches for terraneum in tunnels dug before the Moonbase’s construction. The crew chief, Patrick Osgood, is preoccupied with his wife’s imminent need for a heart transplant – and a series of recurring visions of Moonbase Alpha, and his wife, being destroyed by fire. His seemingly irrational fears gain some credibility when the moon enters an area of space where the ambient temperature begins increasing exponentially. Osgood becomes even more irrational, berating Dr. Russell for her “failure” to repair his wife’s heart, and as the temperature outside and inside the base climbs, Osgood straps explosives to himself, storms the medical center and kidnaps his own wife. His next stop is the barely-pressurized “catacombs” of the moon, where he insists that faith, not science, will heal her.

Order the DVDswritten by Anthony Terpiloff
directed by Robert Lynn
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), Zienia Merton (Sandra Benes), James Laurenson (Patrick Osgood), Pamela Stephenson (Michelle Osgood), Jeffrey Kissoon (Dr. Ben Vincent), Lloyd McGuire (First Engineer), Brendan Price (Security Guard), Alan Hunter (Co-Pilot), Nova Llewellyn (1st Alphan Woman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green