Creatures Of The Mind

Star MaidensOn Medusa, Liz and Rudi are assigned to the archives of the Medusan people, unaware that the last official archivist lies in a coma, driven mad by unseen voices in the archive facility. Rudi discovers than a space vehicle is held in the archives, and immediately senses an opportunity to escape Medusa. But what Octavia hasn’t revealed is that the vehicle was built by Medusan technology, a failed attempt to replace a ship’s crew with artificial intelligence. That technology became a little bit too intelligent, and now seeks to merge with organic life – and Liz is now set to become the victim of its next attempt to do so.

written by Ian Stuart Black
directed by James Gatward
music by Berry Lipmann

Star MaidensCast: Lisa Harrow (Liz), Christian Quadflieg (Rudi), Christiane Kruger (Octavia), Ina Skriver (Officer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green