Brian The Brain

Space: 1999A gravitational force draws the Moon off of its course. Moonbase Alpha’s computer, which has already been acting strangely, can find no signs of whatever may be causing the anomaly. Koenig orders a full-scale evacuation, and another spacecraft approaches the Moon – an early version of the same Eagles used by Koenig and his crew. A voice hails them from that Eagle, introducing himself as the ship’s captain, but when the Eagle lands at Moonbase Alpha, there’s no sign of the Eagle’s crew – and the captain’s voice is coming from a mobile computer which christens itself Brian. Detaching himself from his Eagle’s control console, Brian pays a visit to Moonbase Alpha, making wisecracks at the crew and earning their trust. But while giving Koenig and Dr. Russell a tour of his Eagle, Brian takes off with them inside – threatening to kill them unless they help him acquire a new power source.

Order the DVDswritten by Jack Ronder
directed by Kevin Connor
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Tony Anholt (Tony Verdeschi), Bernard Cribbins (voice of Brian / Captain Michael), John Hug (Fraser), Marc Zuber (Security lieutenant), Michael Sharvell-Martin (Brian robot), Annie Lambert (First operative), Yasuko Nagazumi (Yasko)

LogBook entry by Earl Green