Space: 1999As the moon drifts dangerously close to a planet, Moonbase Alpha’s sensors pick up a massive explosion near that world, sending a massive shockwave across the surface of the moon and doing widespread damage to the Moonbase. During a damage survey, Koenig, Carter and Maya discover that a small number of spherical space vessels landed on the moon in a circular pattern, using the explosion to cover their approach. Koenig boards one and is attacked by an auto-defense system. Carter helps him up and they are both scanned in a room full of spherical objects which bounce from platform to platform. After a brief introduction, the spheres provide the two humans with a breathable atmosphere and make voice contact for the first time. Koenig asks the spheres for help in avoiding the planet, but these objects are merely computer servants of a race which is in a transitional evolutionary stage – and can’t be contacted. Koenig, Carter and Maya resort to desperate measures…something which may curtail the evolutionary process and give birth to a new race before its development is complete.

Order the DVDswritten by Tony Barwick
directed by Val Guest
music by Derek Wadsworth

Guest Cast: Nick Tate (Alan Carter), Ina Skriver (A), Sarah Douglas (B), Robert Rietty (Sphere voice), John Hug (Bill Fraser), David Sebastian Bach (Guardian’s Brother), Sarah Bullen (Kate), Albin Pahernik (Creature), Yasuko Nagazumi (Yasko)

LogBook entry by Earl Green