The Hideout

Star MaidensAdam and Shem continue their flight from both Earth and Medusan authorities, breaking into an apartment to hide. When police surround the building, Adam makes a run for it and is captured; a young man who tipped off police to the alien men’s whereabouts after seeing their pictures on TV is also captured, with the police assuming that he is Shem. Shem accidentally discovers that alcohol on an empty stomach is not an Earth delicacy, and passes out in the apartment hallway. He is taken in by a woman named Rose, who takes care of him (much to his horror, as a Medusan man would normally be taking care of his mistress’ needs). As they spend time together, Rose and Shem begin to fall for each other, and Shem discovers why love can be a weakness.

written by Otto Strang
directed by Freddie Francis
music by Berry Lipmann

Star MaidensCast: Judy Geeson (Fulvia), Gareth Thomas (Shem), Pierre Brice (Adam), Graham Crowden (Minister), Corny Collins (Rose), Don McKillop (Sergeant), Adrian Shergold (Youth), George Hilsdon (Desk Sergeant), David Ellison (Policeman), John Pennington (Announcer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green