A Spanner In The Works

Robert's RobotsGimble continues his efforts to spy on Robert’s laboratory, dismissing Mr. Marken’s melodramatic assumptions that Robert is covering his tracks by doing away with any other industrial spies who break into the lab. But, still unaware that Robert’s research deals with robots, Gimble peeks in just in time to see Robert working on a malfunctioning robot, and assumes that he’s seeing someone being tortured. In fact, it’s just Robert trying to deal with major issues he’s having with his new cleaning and maintenance robots. Gimble begins to panic, fearing for his life – every conversation he overhears convinces him he’s in danger, when it’s all just talk about overhauling robots.

Robert's Robotswritten by Bob Block
directed by Vic Hughes
music not credited

Cast: John Clive (Robert Sommerby), Brian Coburn (Katie), Nigel Pegram (Eric), Doris Rogers (Aunt Millie), Jenny Hanley (Angie), Richard Davies (Gimble), Leon Lissek (Marken), Michael J. Jackson (Maintenance Robot), Christopher Saul (Sanitary Robot), Michael Richmond (1st Robot), Terence Woodfield (2nd Robot)

LogBook entry by Earl Green