It’s Not Such a Wonderful Life

Nowhere ManVeil is stunned when he is tracked down by federal agents who, for once, seem to be on his side. He gives a sworn statement about his activities over the past several months, and learns who the conspirators are and why they seem to be so intent on destroying him. Veil is taken back to his wife and his mother, both safe and sound, but is growing wary of the all-too-convenient twist of events. In the end, his suspicions prove to be worthwhile.

Order the DVDswritten by Lawrence Herzog
directed by Tim Hunter
music by Mark Snow

Cast: Bruce Greenwood (Thomas Veil), Megan Gallagher (Alyson Veil), Mary Gregory (Mrs. Veil), Carol Huston (Sandra Wilson), Willie C. Carpenter (Rick), W. Earl Brown (Roy)

LogBook entry by Earl Green