Nowhere ManIn Washington D.C., Tom receives a phone call from his nameless, faceless ally, proposing a face-to-face meeting to further their mutual aim of destroying the conspiracy. Over dinner, Tom’s ally asks the photographer to recount the story which led up to the much-hunted “Hidden Agenda”.

In 1993, on the insistence of his impulsive journalist friend Harrison, Tom once flew to Central America because Harrison was onto a potentially big story. Harrison’s lead is an inauspicious one – an American Army soldier gave a local prostitute his dog tags as payment for services rendered, and also told her that the U.S. Army was present in force to shut down a local rebel uprising. Venturing into the forests of the Andes, Tom and Harrison found that the Army was indeed present, and was indeed interfering in local politics, swelling its ranks by hiring off local men with cocaine. Veil and Harrison infiltrated the installation, discovering that they weren’t dealing with the Army, they weren’t dealing with any kind of normal military operation, and they were lucky to make it back to the U.S. alive with this knowledge.

And once he finishes telling the story of Hidden Agenda, Veil finds out that he’s being watched…and that the story he has just told isn’t necessarily the truth.

Order the DVDswritten by David Ehrman
directed by Michael Levine
music by Mark Snow

Cast: Bruce Greenwood (Thomas Veil), Dwight Schultz (Harrison Barton), Robin Sachs (Alexander Hale), Anthony Guzman (Luis Borjes), Tracy Conklin (Sgt. Rock), William Earl Ray (Lt. Anson), Geoff Prysirr (Shadow One), Allen Nause (Shadow Two), Christine Calfas (Yolanda), Olga Sanchez (Angela), Jim Garcia (Ringo), Mark Homayoun (Spanish Guard), Michael Blain-Rozgay (Waiter), Fulvio Cecere (Sgt. Dirksen), John Bebe (Young Guard #1), Tim McKellips (Young Guard #2), Erin Cecil (Sobbing Woman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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