Nowhere ManVeil pays a return visit to Calaway Psychiatric Hospital, and finds that there have been some major changes in the staff. The most surprising of these is that J.C., an inmate Veil met on his previous stay at the hospital who spoke only in song, now appears to be a doctor, as well as a member of the conspiracy. Veil tries to break what he hopes to be J.C.’s conditioning, but is unable to help another new arrival at Calaway – a man who is being subject to the same breakdown of self-identity that was once carried out on Veil himself.

Order the DVDswritten by Joel Surnow
directed by Ian Toynton
music by Mark Snow

Cast: Bruce Greenwood (Thomas Veil), Jay Arlen Jones (J.C.), Robert Cicchini (Michael Kramer), Bruce Gray (Dr. Gilmore)

LogBook entry by Earl Green