Something About Her

Nowhere ManJust as Tom is trying to hunt down the conspiracy that has destroyed his life, “they” have moved Tom’s capture to the top of their list of tasks to accomplish. Eventually, the two objectives collide and Tom is captured, drugged, and subjected to a controlled environment where his captors force him to live out a fictional relationship with a woman he is conditioned to trust and love. They hope that Tom will reveal his secrets – including the secrets of “Hidden Agenda” – to his new love, but even in his vulnerable state, Tom has taken enough pictures to feel that things are too picture-perfect with this new scenario.

Order the DVDswritten by Lawrence Hertzog
directed by James Whitmore, Jr.
music by Mark Snow

Cast: Bruce Greenwood (Thomas Veil), Carrie Ann Moss (Karin Stolk), Raphael Sbarge (Dr. Moen), Kent Williams (Mr. Grey)

LogBook entry by Earl Green