Part Two

The Nightmare ManAs Michael Gaffikin’s help with the post-mortem reveals a pattern of teeth that are only partly human, other strange happenings take place on the island. A farmer reports that one of his sheep has been “torn apart,” while a Geiger counter at a Coast Guard building goes off momentarily. A member of the Coast Guard visiting the island has gone out of radio contact as well, prompting Inskip to conduct a search. But before Inskip and his entourage find the mutilated body of the missing Coast Guard man, they find some sort of vehicle washed ashore, unlike anything he’s seen before.

written by Robert Holmes
based on the novel “Child Of Vodyanoi” by David Wiltshire
directed by Douglas Camfield
music by Robert Stewart

The Nightmare ManCast: James Warwick (Michael Gaffikin), Maurice Roeves (Inspector Inskip), Celia Imrie (Fiona Patterson), Tom Watson (Dr. Goudry), Jonathan Newth (Colonel Howard), James Cosmo (Sergeant Carch), Fraser Wilson (PC Malcolmson), Jon Croft (McGrath), Ronald Forfar (Campbell), Jeffrey Stewart (Drummond), Elaine Wells (Mrs. MacKay)

LogBook entry by Earl Green