Part Three

The Nightmare ManUnable to conceal the fact that something horrible is going on on the island, Inskip mobilizes every armed man in the village into a militia under his command. Another attack befalls a Coast Guard shed further inland, resulting in the deaths of three men, but leaving behind evidence. Fiona and Gaffikin also examine the evidence left at a prior crime scene, including a camera with an automatic trigger which is easily tripped by a spike in radiation, and a cassette left behind in a tape recorder. What they discover is confusing: the assailant behind the string of grisly killings is both human and inhuman.

written by Robert Holmes
based on the novel “Child Of Vodyanoi” by David Wiltshire
directed by Douglas Camfield
music by Robert Stewart

The Nightmare ManCast: James Warwick (Michael Gaffikin), Maurice Roeves (Inspector Inskip), Celia Imrie (Fiona Patterson), Tom Watson (Dr. Goudry), Jonathan Newth (Colonel Howard), James Cosmo (Sergeant Carch), Fraser Wilson (PC Malcolmson), Jon Croft (McGrath), Ronald Forfar (Campbell), Jeffrey Stewart (Drummond), Tony Sibbald (Symonds), Pat Gorman (The Killer), Robert Vowles (Lieutenant Carey)

LogBook entry by Earl Green