The Sentry

Night StalkerA scientist’s discovery of a node containing strange blue nodules triggers a series of grisly deaths at an underground archival facility. Each victim is badly mauled, and the autopsy report indicates that they were bitten by some large animal. Sneaking into the facility, Kolchak discovers that the staff are leery of strange occurrences, and the military has taken in security. He himself witnesses a strange two-legged lizard creature and narrowly escapes. He is evicted from the facility, but does some research to discover that the lizards are phototropic (afraid of light). Realizing that the nodules are in fact eggs, Carl sneaks back in to the facility. The “sentry” has killed more people in its search, and Kolchak must return the eggs by risking his own life.

Order the DVDswritten by L. Ford Neale & John Huff
directed by Seymour Robbie
music by Gil Mille

Guest Cast: Tom Bosley (Jack Flaherty), Albert Paulsen (Dr. James Verhyden), Kathy Brown (Lt. Irene Lamont), John Hoyt (Dr. Lamar Beckwith), Frank Campanella (Ted Chapman), Frank Marth (Colonel Brody)

Notes: This episode bears a very strong resemblance to the Star Trek episode Devil In The Dark. Kathy Brown is Darren McGavin’s wife. Other than Simon Oakland as Vincenzo, no other regular cast member is present in this episode.

LogBook entry by Steve Crowe