Demon In Lace

Night StalkerA college is plagued by a series of mysterious deaths. In each case a man and a woman are discovered together. Each male victim is a healthy young man who has apparently died of fright. The women have apparently been dead for some considerable time, of a variety of causes and apparently at a different original location. No one can explain why the men have died, or the reason for the women’s bodies vanishing and reappearing. Kolchak investigates further and discovers that each of the male students know Professor Spate, who has brought back a rare tablet from a Mesapotomian dig site. The tablet’s background contains legend of similar deaths, and Carl soon deduces that an ancient demon, a succubus, is responsible for the deaths. She possesses the bodies of recently deceased young women, lures men into sex with her, and then reveals her true nature, scaring them to death and feeding on their energies. Her existence is tied to the priceless tablet, which Kolchak must destroy before she claims another victim.

Order the DVDswritten by Stephen Lord & Michael Kozoll
directed by Don Weis
music by Gil Mille

Guest Cast: Andrew Prine (Professor E. Evan Spate), Kristina Holland (Rosalind Winters), Carolyn Jones (Registar), Keenan Wynn (Captain Joe Siska), Jackie Vernon (Coach Toomey), Teddie Blue (The Succubus)

Notes: Keenan Wynn returns as Captain Siska. This episode, with Legacy Of Terror, exists primarily as a compiled TV movie called Demon And The Mummy.

LogBook entry by Steve Crowe