The ChangesThe villagers and the Sikhs join forces to fend off the band of marauders from their village; there is even talk of the villagers being less opposed to machinery than they have been in the recent past. With the villagers and Sikhs having moved from uneasy coexistence to trust and cooperation, Nicky is surprised when it is gently suggested that she leave and continue her search for her family. She rides out with one of the villagers in a horse-drawn wagon, learning from him that he’ll be avoiding a village called Shipton, which has become backward and savage since the madness descended upon the world. When the wagon loses a wheel, Nicky is thrown clear and is knocked unconscious; her driver leaves her to go for help. She awakens and, with difficulty, walks to a nearby farm. When she is discovered there, she is accused of being a witch.

written by Anna Home
based on the novels by Peter Dickinson
directed by John Prowse
music by Paddy Kingsland

The ChangesCast: Vicky Williams (Nicky), James Ottoway (Maxie), Rafiq Anwar (Chacha), Marc Zuber (Kewal), Rugby Brar (Gopal), Rebecca Mascarenhas (Ajeet), Sahab Qizilbash (Grandmother), Gopal Bhanot (Sikh Interpreter), Roy Evans (Carter), Keith Ashton (Jonathon), Zuleika Robson (Margaret), Stella Tanner (Anne), Jack Watson (Peter), David Garfield (Mr. Gordon)

LogBook entry by Earl Green