Episode 10

Knights Of GodGervase and Julia haven’t wandered very far through the Wasteland before Arthur appears, offering them food and supplies (including a gun) and new instructions: the resistance leader needs Gervase to go to Canterbury, where a lone church has been left standing, the last enclave of Christianity not wiped out by Mordrin. There, Arthur tells him, Gervase will discover the identity of the one man who can reunite England and end the reign of Mordrin and his Knights. But Brother Hugo’s grab for power has split the Knights of God down the middle; Hugo’s loyalists help him escape from Mordrin’s compound and assemble his forces in what’s left of London. Both Mordrin and Hugo are aware of the significance of Gervase’s flight to Canterbury and order their respective forces into action; Mordrin wants Gervase captured alive, Hugo wants the boy dead. And following Gervase and Julia the entire time is Colley, determined to give Gervase the death sentence that Arthur refused to give him.

written by Richard Cooper
directed by Michael Kerrigan
music by Christopher Gunning

Knights Of GodCast: George Winter (Gervase), Claire Parker (Julia), Don Henderson (Colley), Patrick Troughton (Arthur), Julian Fellowes (Hugo), John Woodvine (Mordrin), Nigel Stock (Simon), Harrie Cookson (Brigadier Clarke), Peter Childs (Tyrell), Christopher Bowen (Pilot), Bunny Losh (Officer), Alan Mock (Communications Officer), Mark Burgess (Knight in Carrier), John Rapley (Crown Maker)

LogBook entry by Earl Green