JeremiahAs promised, Jeremiah “takes over” the town of Millhaven, running it as a far more benevolent community than its previous self-appointed “mayor.” With Marcus’ full support and with Libby in tow, Jeremiah restores freedom and a more neighborly feel to the town, but his reward is skepticism from the townsfolk when an emissary from Daniel arrives to take custody of a traveling family with information about Daniel’s fledgling government. Jeremiah refuses to hand the family over, and the people of Millhaven quickly lose faith in him for fear that they will be on the receiving end of Daniel’s retribution. In the meantime, Kurdy discovers that his new partner, Mr. Smith, has not only been leaving and returning to Thunder Mountain at odd hours, but he’s also created a primitive camera and has been photographing the interior of the base. Kurdy follows Smith out of the mountain, determined to discover the truth about Smith’s secretive agenda.

Order the DVDswritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Mike Vejar
music by Tim Truman

Guest Cast: Peter Stebbings (Marcus), Derek Hamilton (Charles), Jeniffer Copping (Leah), Tom Scholte (James), Michael P. Northey (Richard), Michael Telgen (Frank), Stuart Pierre (Traveler), Richard Harmon (Madison), Jason Bryden (Mike), Dana Pemberton (Clete), Alex Rae (Dave), Norm Sherry (Bartender), Alicia Thorgrimsson (Teller), Tamara Lashley (Teller), Grayson Hosie (Teller), Jay Hilliker (Teller), Nicola Anderson (Teller), Emmanuel Belliveau (Norader guy)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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