Gemini Man

Gemini ManSam Casey, a devil-may-care former military ordnance expert, is called into action when a Soviet satellite plummets through Earth’s atmosphere and hits the ocean more or less intact. With intelligence indicating that the satellite may be something more than a harmless weather satellite, Casey dons SCUBA gear to examine it up close, only to find a bomb attached to it. The satellite is destroyed, and Casey receives the full brunt of its nuclear power source, and his entire body is rendered invisible as a result.

Thanks to a portable stabilizer devised by the scientists at Intersect, Casey regains full visibility, but can go invisible for up to 15 minutes a day, giving him an edge in espionage. After discovering the limitations of his invisibility, Sam decides to listen in (invisibly) at the machinations behind the scenes of a military technology company whose crew was also present at the failed satellite retrieval mission. Someone planted the bomb that changed Sam’s life forever…and they may be planning to do something even more sinister for the future of the entire world.

written by Leslie Stevens
directed by Alan J. Levi
music by Billy Goldenberg

Gemini ManCast: Ben Murphy (Sam Casey), Katherine Crawford (Abby Lawrence), Richard A. Dysart (Leonard Driscoll), Dana Elcar (Schuyler), Paul Shenar (Charles Edward Royce), Quinn Redeker (Rogers), Gregory Walcott (Officer), Len Wayland (Captain Whelan), Cheryl Miller (Receptionist), Michael Lane (Guard), H.M. Wynant (Captain Ballard), Austin Stoker (Dive Officer), Dave Shelley (Mechanic), Robert Forward (Chief Controller), Jim Raymond (Dietz)

Gemini ManNotes: Devised by producer Harve Bennett as a replacement for NBC’s The Invisible Man, Gemini Man swaps out debonair David McCallum for the all-American aw-shucks of Ben Murphy, but more or less keeps the basic structure of the first series: an invisible man performing espionage tasks for a top-secret corporate entity with government connections, along with a female assistant and a male “boss” figure who gives the orders. Gemini Man replaces Dr. Kate Westin and Walter Carlson, and swaps out the Klae Corporation for Intersect. Much of the behind-the-scenes crew made the transition from The Invisible Man to Gemini Man as well. Bennett’s Invisible Man co-creator, Steven Bochco, sat out this round of invisible antics, moving on to the next stage of his own career in the wake of The Invisible Man’s cancellation.

LogBook entry by Earl Green