The Minotaur

Gemini ManA phone call from an urgent stranger summons Sam Casey to an abandoned building, which is then burned down by a bulky but apparently lethal robot. Sam reports the fire and then races to Intersect to meet with Leonard, who knows exactly who was at the other end of the call: a former Intersect technologist who was determined to turn his defensive weapons projects into offensive weapons, and spent millions of dollars of government money to do it. His weaponized robot, Minotaur, was his crowning achievement, and is almost certainly the robot seen by Sam. Now he is threatening to unleash the Minotaur upon the world unless his demands are met.

teleplay by Robert F. O’Neill and Frank Telford
story by Robert Bloch and Robert F. O’Neill
directed by Alan J. Levi
music by Lee Holdridge

Gemini ManCast: Ben Murphy (Sam Casey), Katherine Crawford (Abby Lawrence), William Sylvester (Leonard Driscoll), Ross Martin (Carl Victor), Deborah Winters (Nancy Victor), Cheryl Miller (Girl), William Boyett (1st Officer), Michael J. London (Guard), Robert Hackman (Clerk), Dale Johnson (Secretary), Loren James (Minotaur)

LogBook entry by Earl Green