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FarscapeMoya encounters the Zelbinion, a derelict Peacekeeper ship which served as Rygel’s first prison a hundred cycles ago. When Crichton and Aeryn board the ship looking for salvageable wares, they find it gutted, with a lone Peacekeeper tech on board. Gilina’s crew, sent by Crais, fell victim to an attack from local scavengers called the Sheyangs. While Gilina and Crichton attempt to get the Zelbinion‘s defense screen functioning before the Sheyang send another crew to finish the job (and wipe out Moya in the bargain), D’Argo trades on his race’s reputation to stall for time, and Rygel determines to enter the graveyard of his demons.

Order the DVDswritten by Nan Hagan
directed by Tony Tilse
music by Subvision

Guest Cast: Jane Cook (Gilina), Derek Amer (Teurac), Peter Astridge (Lomus), Peter Knowles (Evran), David Wheeler (Captain Durka)

Notes: Oddly enough, this was the first episode of Farscape ever broadcast, as a “sneak preview” episode on USA Network five days before the series premiere aired on the Sci-Fi Channel; the episode was actually the seventh produced and the fifth aired on the Sci-Fi Channel.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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