LexxMantrid’s drones continue to consume entire galaxies, and Kai decides it’s time to stop running. Stan broadcasts a challenge to Mantrid on all frequencies, followed by an offer to join forces with anyone wishing to fight back. A response comes immediately from a small insect fighter – of the same kind piloted by Kai when the Brunnen-G fell. Inside, barely alive, is Brizon, a former bio-vizier of the Divine Order and Mantrid’s predecessor. Though no one trusts Brizon, his knowledge is the only advantage the Lexx has in the fight against Mantrid – and he has already performed some major bio-engineering operations on himself. Brizon insists that one of the drone arms should be captured so he can study it, and Stan and Kai find the nearest world being attacked to retrieve one. In the meantime, Brizon remains on the Lexx, taking perhaps too personal an interest in Xev’s unique human-cluster lizard biology. When the captive drone arm is brought aboard, Brizon springs his trap and reveals his true plan: he doesn’t want to just destroy Mantrid, he wants to take over Mantrid’s artificial body and his resources…including the destructive drones.

Order the DVDswritten by Paul Donovan
directed by Paul Donovan
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Earl Pastko (Brizon), Dieter Laser (Mantrid), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790), Tom Gallant (Lexx)

Original title: End Game

LogBook entry by Earl Green