The King’s Demons – Part 1

Doctor WhoThe arrival of the TARDIS coincides with a dangerous digression in Earth’s history: King John is holding court at the keep of Sir Ranulf, insulting his host and demanding financial tribute toward the continuance of the Crusades. Ranulf’s son, Hugh, challenges the King’s champion, Sir Gilles, in a fight for his father’s honor, but before blood is drawn, the TARDIS materializes, and the Doctor is surprised by how unfazed King John is by its appearance…one of many clues leading the Doctor to believe that this isn’t the real King John. According to history, King John should be in London right now, where many of his loyal subjects will shortly present him with the Magna Carta – a document to secure not only their own rights, but which will shape democracy in Britain for centuries to come. When the Doctor draws an armed challenge from Sir Gilles, he manages to emerge victorious…but finds himself facing one of his mortal foes, who has no business being in England in 1215.

Order the DVDwritten by Terence Dudley
directed by Tony Virgo
music by Jonathan Gibbs & Peter Howell

Cast: Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan Jovanka), Mark Strickson (Turlough), Anthony Ainley (The Master/Sir Gilles Estram), Frank Windsor (Ranulf), Gerald Flood (King John/voice of Kamelion), Isla Blair (Isabella), Christopher Villiers (Hugh), Michael J. Jackson (Sir Geoffrey), Peter Burroughs (Jester)

LogBook entry by Earl Green