Destiny’s Choice

VoyagersBogg and Jeffrey appear in a courtroom in 1928, where Bogg heroically stops two armed men from assaulting a woman on the witness stand…only to realize that the courtroom is a movie set for the first “talking picture” in Hollywood. The actress playing the witness, Veronica Bliss, is amused by the incident; the studio security guards aren’t, since a persistent string of threats and other disruptions have threatened to put the movie’s production off schedule. Veronica is less amused when her persistent lisp gets her fired from the movie by its director, who everyone simply calls “Wild Frank”. When Bogg leans that “Wild Frank” is actually Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he immediately knows why the Omni isn’t letting the time travelers continue their travels. Someone is trying to prevent Roosevelt from completing his picture, and their attempts to do so are becoming more dangerous. But Bogg and Jeffrey are more concerned with an even bigger historical dilemma: what happened in Roosevelt’s history to take him out of politics, and how can his path to becoming one of the most important Presidents of the United States be restored?

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Jill Sherman
directed by Paul Stanley
music by Jerrold Immel

Voyagers!Cast: Jon-Erik Hexum (Phineas Bogg), Meeno Peluce (Jeffrey Jones), Oliver Clark (Sam Winthrop), Angela Clarke (Sara Delano Roosevelt), Ellen Geer (Eleanor Roosevelt), Nicholas Pryor (Franklin Delano Roosevelt), Bonnie Urseth (Veronica Bliss), Robert Carnegie (Guard), Robert Dunlap (Monroe Jones), Bill McLean (Mailman), Buddy Farmer (Stagehand #1), Karl Johnson (Stagehand #2), Joseph Leader (Franz Lubin), Roger Duffy (Child)

LogBook entry by Earl Green