Dalek War Chapter IV

Dalek War Chapter IVHundreds of years after the Great Catastrophe that reduced many of the galaxy’s civilizations to rubble, Galactic Union agent Sy Tarkov seeks the expertise of Saloran Hardew, a researcher who has a theory that the Catastrophe was caused by one man named Kalendorf. She tells Tarkov of Kalendorf’s seeming betrayal of his own friends and allies, and how Kalendorf even handed Susan Mendes over to the Daleks he had pledged his life to fight, all in a cunning scheme to infiltrate the Daleks’ command network. And she tells Tarkov that, despite Kalendorf’s apparent defeat of the Daleks centuries ago, there are signs that they’re about to return – and this time the decimated galaxy isn’t ready to repel them.

Order this CDwritten by Nicholas Briggs
directed by Nicholas Briggs
music by Nicholas Briggs

Cast: Sarah Mowat (Susan Mendes), Gareth Thomas (Kalendorf), Mark McDonnell (Alby Brook), Jeremy James (Herrick), Hannah Smith (The Mentor), Steven Elder (Siy Tarkov), Karen Henson (Saloran Hardew), Helen Goldwyn (Godwin), David Sax (Trooper), Jack Galagher (Command / Computer / Technician), Nicholas Briggs (Daleks)

LogBook entry by Earl Green