The Breach

Star Trek: EnterpriseDr. Phlox asks Captain Archer to make a course change to retrieve a team of Denobulan mineralogists who are on a planet where, due to a change in government, they won’t be welcome for much longer. As the Enterprise arrives and Trip, Malcolm and Mayweather prepare to find the Denobulans, another ship has been fired upon by that planet’s new security forces, forcing Archer to take it aboard. Phlox is shocked to find that the ship’s survivors include Antareans, a race locked in a centuries-old war with the Denobulans. When one Antarean patient refuses to allow Phlox to perform a life-saving surgery, the doctor won’t budge to save him…but is it because his patient has asked him not to, or because his patient is an enemy? And will Archer’s order to perform the surgery regardless of the patient’s wishes be carried out?

Get this season on DVDDownload this episode via Amazon's Unboxteleplay by Chris Black & John Shiban
story by Daniel McCarthy
directed by Robert Duncan MacNeill
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Henry Stram (Hudak), Mark Chaet (Yolen), D.C. Douglas (Zepht), Laura Putney (Trevix), Jamison Yang (Crewman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green