Episode 1

Dark SeasonLondon teenagers Reet and Thomas grudgingly walk to school every day with their eccentric junior classmate Marcie, who claims to see patterns and conspiracies almost everywhere she looks. The latest object of Marcie’s fascination is the arrival of mysterious electronics company Abyss Modem at their school, with the enigmatic Mr. Eldritch promising one of the new Abyss computers to every student, free of charge. Marcie is certain that there’s more to this generous offer than meets the eye. Mr. Eldritch selects a random student to receive the first Abyss computer for publicity purposes, and she discovers that the free computer definitely has strings attached…

Dark Seasonwritten by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson

Cast: Tim Barker (Dr. Osley), Samantha Cahill (Olivia), Ben Chandler (Thomas), Rosalie Critchley (Mrs. Polzinski), Brigit Forsyth (Miss Maitland), Victoria Lambert (Marcie), Roger Milner (Headmaster), Grant Parsons (Mr. Eldritch), Cyril Shaps (Mr. Polzinski), Kate Winslet (Reet)

LogBook entry by Earl Green