Episode 4

Dark SeasonReet and Thomas follow Marcie to get a peek at an operation said to be an archaeological site. The woman running the operation, Miss Pendragon, is unconcerned with their presence; with her seemingly Aryan army of young people, Miss Pendragon is obsessed with releasing a behemoth of Celtic legend. Of particular importance to her is her young protege, Luke, who has no archaeological experience, but was hired because of his naturally blonde hair and his lack of birthmarks or deformities. Miss Maitland’s class is invited to make a field trip to the dig site, and Thomas and Reet follow Marcie again, much to their teacher’s dismay. An explosion at the dig site quickly changes the dynamic: the students are ushered away (though Marcie and Thomas manage to hide away and remain hidden at the dig site), and Luke’s arm is broken, leading Miss Pendragon to declare him “useless.” Now in need of a “perfect” blonde-haired boy to take Luke’s place, Miss Pendragon is delighted to find that Thomas is still on her premises.

Dark Seasonwritten by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson

Cast: Martina Berne (Inga), Ben Chandler (Thomas), Brigit Forsyth (Miss Maitland), Victoria Lambert (Marcie), Jacqueline Pearce (Miss Pendragon), Stephen Tredre (Luke), Kate Winslet (Reet)

Notes: Russell T. Davies’ recycling bin is in evidence here – the idea of a “perfect child” named Luke, to be employed as a human vessel for a vast, otherworldly intelligence, resurfaces in the pilot episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures and that show’s Luke character.

LogBook entry by Earl Green