Alien NationRiots in L.A. stretch police manpower to its limits – badly enough that Sikes and George are left desk-sitting at the precinct. Susan fights her way through traffic to bring George enough food to get through the night. But when a group of criminals – both humans and a newcomer woman – stage an all-out attack on the police station. They humans are after a cache of weapons and drugs that have been seized as evidence, while the Newcomer woman is seeking a tank of gas that was used by the Overseers to turn the Newcomers into slaves. Susan and Albert are unlucky enough to be found when the station is taken over, while Sikes is lucky enough to be handling an emergency call that conveniently involves an ex-girlfriend. Albert is shot while trying to help Susan escape, but she winds up being taken hostage. With no other backup available, George prepares to take on this hostage crisis entirely on his own.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Tom Chahak
directed by Steven Dubin
music by David Kurtz

Guest Cast: Gwynyth Walsh (Diane), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Andy), Charley Lang (Kenny), Tracey Walter (Tom), Michael Fairman (Captain McKnight), Will Egan (Harry Dundee), Camila Griggs (Letitia)

Notes: We learn here that “Holy Gas,” an airborne substance rendered the Newcomers completely submissive to the Overseers, and completely susceptible to their commands. It apparently also works on humans.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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