Once Upon A Time

Star Trek: VoyagerStardate not given: On an expedition, the Delta Flyer shuttle is unable to avoid a violent ion storm, and crashes into a planetoid. Paris, Tuvok and Ensign Wildman are trapped when the Delta Flyer’s landing buries it several kilometers beneath the surface. As the shuttle’s crew prepares for the worst, Neelix is left with a dilemma of his own. Ensign Wildman’s young daughter Naomi has been left in his care, and even though Naomi is aware that her mother has been out of contact for a longer than usual period of time, Neelix insists on diverting her from the truth. When Naomi grows impatience with Neelix and goes to the bridge for herself, she discovers a grim rescue effort is in progress to find her mother’s shuttle. Now, despair could be the greatest enemy for both mother and daughter.

Order the DVDswritten by Michael Taylor
directed by John Kretchmer
music by David Bell

Guest Cast: Justin Louis (Trevis), Nancy Hower (Ensign Wildman), Scarlett Pomers (Naomi Wildman), Wallace Langham (Flotter), Majel Barrett (Computer voice)

LogBook entry by Earl Green