The Man With Nine Lives

Battlestar Galactica (original)Two strange arrivals coincide almost suspiciously – the arrival of a man claiming to be Starbuck’s father, and a group of Borellians enlist to join the ranks of Galactica’s Viper pilots. What no one suspects is that the man insisting that Starbuck is his son is a con man – and the Borellians are hot on his trail. But will the evidence be uncovered before Starbuck sacrifices his life for someone he believes to be his father?

Order the DVDsDownload this episodewritten by Donald P. Bellisario
directed by Rod Holcomb
music by Stu Phillips

Guest Cast: Fred Astaire (Chameleon), Anne Jeffreys (Siress Blassie), Lance Le Gault (Maga), Robert Feero (Bora), Anthony deLongis (Taba), Bruce Wright (Corporal Lomas), Dan Barton (Crewman), Patricia Stich (Newswoman Zara), Ted Parker (Commentator Zed), Leann Hunley (Warrior), Alex Hyde-White (Warrior), John Holland (Waiter), Lynn Halpern (Pyramid dealer)

LogBook entry by Earl Green