Babylon 5Urza Jaddo, an old friend of Londo arrives on the station to see if Londo’s influence can help him win a battle against opponents on Centauri Prime who are trying to blacklist Urza and his family. But when Londo finds out that the smear campaign has been led by his shady colleague Refa, the situation becomes muddier. In the meantime, Sheridan makes an ill-advised visit to a trouble-plagued area of the station which has been the site of numerous strange incidents since B5 went on-line. Following a terrifying encounter with a corpse that seems to come to life, Sheridan discovers that the price of his curiosity could be his sanity and his command.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by Lawrence G. DiTillio
directed by Stephen L. Posey
music by
Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Carmen Argenziano (Urza Jaddo), William Forward (Lord Refa), Joshua Cox (Tech #1), Elisa Beth Garver (Tech #2), William Dennis Hunt (Centauri Noble)

LogBook entry by Earl Green