Babylon 5Negotiations between the Narn and Centauri over territorial claims to quadrant 37 are getting nowhere, and it looks like G’Kar has the upper hand on Londo. In the meantime, a strange discussion between Kosh and Delenn leads to a momentous decision, one which numbers Delenn’s days as she knows them. An informant for Garibaldi is found murdered, and Garibaldi sets out to discover who did it. Morden, an elusive being in human form who once asked Londo and G’Kar what they wanted, appears out of nowhere and offers Londo the opportunity to take credit for a solution to the quadrant 37 problem that will tip the scales in the Centauris’ favor, a solution which Morden and his unspecified associates will provide at no cost. Garibaldi follows a tenuous trail of clues to a man named Devereaux, who warns that the security chief is getting into something too big for him. As it turns out, this is true – Garibaldi discovers evidence that Devereaux may be an Earthforce special agent, and finally stumbles across a plot to assassinate the president of the Earth Alliance. He pays for this discovery dearly when one of the conspirators shoots him, almost fatally. The Shadows are cast upon quadrant 37, utterly annihilating every trace of the Narn presence there in mere seconds. Delenn goes to Sinclair to discuss at last the Battle of the Line and his capture, but his priority must be to find Garibaldi. Delenn is risking her life and Sinclair’s to reveal the mystery to him, and warns that she has little time left. Garibaldi, dying, warns of the plot to kill the president, but his warning is too late, and Earthforce One is destroyed and Vice President Clark is sworn in as president hours later. Londo is horrified at Morden’s solution to the quadrant 37 dispute. Delenn sets into motion a process which begins transforming her, and Sinclair misses his chance to learn the greatest mystery of his life. Garibaldi is given 50/50 odds on surviving his injuries. And all at once, nothing will ever be the same…

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Janet Greek
music by Christopher Franke

Babylon 5Guest Cast: Julia Nickson (Catherine Sakai), Macaulay Bruton (Garibaldi’s Aide), Liz Burnette (Lurker #1), Edward Conery (Devereaux), Maggie Egan (News Anchor), Cheryl Francis Harrington (Senator), Mark Hendrickson (Narn Pilot), James Kiriyama-Lem (Med Tech), Wesley Leong (Paramedic), Gianin Loffler (Lurker #2), David Anthony Marshall (Stephen Petrov), Gary McGurk (Morgan Clark), John Riojas (Guard), Marianne Robertson (Tech), Fumi Shishino (Screaming Woman), Ed Wasser (Morden), Bergen Williams (Security Guard)

LogBook entry by Earl Green