Born To The Purple

Babylon 5Londo stalls negotiations with the Narn – and infuriates G’Kar – when he wishes simply to partake of a seedy bar whose agile young Centauri dancer intrigues Londo; when he winds up in bed with her, talks are delayed even further. But the girl is in the employ of an information trader who plans on using her to get to Londo’s Purple Files, detailing various dirt on many Centauri families – information the Narn Regime would pay handsomely for in order to gain blackmail material against their former masters. When Londo discovers that his secrets have been taken, he begins a desperate quest to track down the culprit and free an innocent pawn.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by Lawrence G. DiTillio
directed by Bruce Seth Green
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Fabiana Udenio (Adira Tyree), Clive Revill (Trakis), Mary Woronov (Ko D’Ath), Jimm Giannini (Ock), Robert Phalen (Andrei Ivanova), Robert DiTillio (Norg), Tom Lowe (Gunman #1), Katharine Mills (Dancer), Mike Norris (Butz), Laura Peterson (Gera Akshi), Marianne Robertson (Tech #1), Momo Yashima (Dr. Goyokin)