Fifteen With Wanda

Alien NationSikes and George are assigned to provide protection to the Newcomer witness of a mob-related murder, but after three weeks holed up in a hotel room, both the witness and his protectors are ready to tear each others’ heads off. Worse yet, he’s due to be married as soon as he is reunited with his future bride, and since Tenctonese custom involves both bride and groom preparing for the big day with a massive dose of their native aphrodisiacs, he’s literally trying to escape from George and Sikes. Worse yet, Sikes’ daughter, Kirby, calls with a crisis of her own, and then George’s son Buck gets into trouble at school – and each man has to leave the other alone with their charge for a while. If they don’t let their guard down enough to endanger him, if his rampaging hormones don’t put him in harm’s way, and if they can resist the urge to strangle him, he may just live to testify…

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Steven Long Mitchell & Craig Van Sickle
directed by Rob Bowman
music by David Kurtz

Guest Cast: David Bowe (Buster Keaton), Joan McMurtrey (Victoria Sikes), Cheryl Pollak (Kirby Sikes), Lori Petty (Sal), Sachi Parker (Wanda), Wayne Pere (Thor), Haskell V. Anderson III (Principal Fisher), Trevor Edmond (Blentu), Jean Sincere (Granny), Michael Wilson (Maitre’d), Thomas J. Hagebueck (Officer), Mike Worth (Prep #1), Nikki Tyler (Salesgirl), Noon Orsatti (Svabo), Ron Howard George (Wayne Joshua), Bobbie Cummings (Ernie Jett)Notes:

LogBook entry by Earl Green