Alien NationSikes and George take part in a major drug bust, in the process getting the attention of an organized crime ring that has no problems targeting both of them. So it’s fortunate that Sikes’ old mentor – the old cop who pulled him off the street and made him his partner – turns up to lend a hand. And it looks like Sikes will need more backup than usual when George is accused of stealing some of the drug haul. Internal Affairs raids George’s house, even as he and his family prepare for the ceremony in which Susan will pass the pod containing their unborn child on to George, and finds the missing drugs – though George vehemently denies taking them. Has Sikes completely misjudged his current partner…or his old one?

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by David Garber & Bruce Kalish
directed by Stan Lathan
music by Steve Dorff & Larry Herbstritt

Guest Cast: Gilbert Lewis (Theo Miles), Tom Byrd (Bud Anderson), Robert Romanus (Zack Whelan), Tony Rizzoli (Jeffrey Ross), Terry Beaver (Sgt. Dustin Baxley), Bill Kalmenson (Ken Jester), Maria Rangel (Allison Wolfe), Crofton Hardester (Chester Charles), Wilson Raiser (Con), Branscombe Richmond (Haney), Arthur Seidel (Rankin), Gary Morgan (Garrison), Brad Orrison (Rickman)

LogBook entry by Earl Green