The Spell Of Tut

The theft of a string of amber beads – leaving behind far more valuable baubles – puzzles Commission Gordon and Chief O’Hara. The clues, however, add up to one thing: King Tut is at large once more, planning a new scheme to take over Gotham City. The amber beads contain ancient Egyptian scarabs whose bodily […]

Tut’s Case Is Shut

Batman is able to break Robin out of his predicament, and the Dynamic Duo regroups to the Batcave to plan their next move. King Tut and his cronies, in the meantime, advance their plan to introduce the scarab concoction into Gotham City’s water supply, subjugating the will of the entire population of the city. When […]

Ali Baba – Part 1

As Electra Woman and Dyna Girl are covering an international gathering of influential scientists in their plain-clothes journalist alter egos, the diabolical criminal mastermind Ali Baba and his genie accomplice pluck an airplane out of the sky. That plane was carrying Professor Nabokov to the scientists’ conference, but Ali Baba wants the professor to hand […]

Ali Baba – Part 2

Under the control of Professor Nabokov’s formula, Dyna Girl leads Ali Baba and his genie to Electra Woman’s secret headquarters, freezing Frank in the process. Electra Woman and Professor Nabokov escape from Ali Baba’s hideout and return to base, where they free Frank but discover that Dyna Girl is still in league with Ali Baba. […]

Prisoner Of Dragos

In the clutches of the interplanetary warlord Dragos, Jason finds that his reputation precedes him. Dragos has been expecting Star Command to interfere, and creates an “energy clone” of Jason to return to Star Command instead of the real Jason. Unknown to Nicole and Professor Parsifoot, a similar clone of Commander Canarvan is already in […]

Escape From Dragos

Nicole, having escaped from Dragos’ ship thanks to Jason’s interference, returns alone to Star Command and stops Canarvan’s clone from lowering the shields. Aboard Drago’s ship, Jason uses Wiki to free himself and the real Commander Canarvan, and then helps Canarvan to escape in his Starfire shuttle. Jason, however, is trapped on the Dragonship with […]

A Cry For Help

Canarvan’s energy clone, under Dragos’ control, makes one final attempt to leave Space Academy defenseless. Jason is thrown into a dungeon, where he meets an alien princess whose world has been taken over by Dragos. They escape to the Starfire escape pod and take refuge on a planet, only to discover that the safety of […]

Wiki To The Rescue

Launched by Jason from the surface of the unstable planet on which he’s tapped, the tiny Wiki robot homes in on Nicole’s Starfire and alerts her to Jason’s plight. Dragos delivers an ultimatum to Space Academy: surrender, or he will allow the Academy to fall into the sun. Professor Parsifoot, left in command in the […]

Planet Of The Lost

Allegra finds crystals on the surface of the asteroid where she, Jason and Nicole have taken refuge, but the two officers from Star Command are unimpressed with her find, as well as her insistence on being treated as royalty. When a giant insectoid monster attacks out of nowhere, Jason leads it away from his friends […]

Marooned In Time

Jason’s latest planetoid hiding place seems to be a time warp – characters from Earth’s distant past appear and disappear when the Starfire first lands. But Jason, Nicole and Parsafoot are soon captured by a man claiming to be treasure-hungry pirate Captain Kidd, who takes Wiki to help him find a treasure Dragos has left […]

The Disappearing Man

A Seeker spacecraft appears out of nowhere near Space Academy and disappears again, reappearing moments later in the landing bay. Jason and friends record strange sounds aboard the empty Seeker, but when played back at a slow speed, the strange sounds turn out to be the voice of missing Space Academy cadet Matt Prentiss, who […]

The Haunted Planet

Jason’s Starfire vehicle is in trouble: its atomic power source is seconds away from going critical. He’s forced to land on a nearby planet and abandon the Starfire before it explodes, unaware that someone on that planet is the cause of the problem. A hooded man named Bork emerges, informing Jason and friends that they […]

Escape From Kesh

Upon learning that Queen Vanessa of Kesh has captured him on behalf of Dragos, Jason resorts to extreme measures to escape, including the use of a miniaturization device that’s almost more trouble than it’s worth. Once he masters its use, he breaks Nicole and Professor Parsifoot out as well, and to their amazement, an intact […]

Return Of The Creature

Delivered to Dragos by Queen Vanessa, Jason again makes escape and survival his first order of business. Unfortunately, Dragos has already extracted information on Star Command’s weaknesses from Peepo’s memory banks and has launched an attack, lowering Star Command’s shielding as a galactic typhoon approaches its position. written by Len Janson directed by Arthur H. […]

Peepo On Trial

Rocketing home to Star Command in the escape pod from his captured Starfire, Jason brings Peepo, Nicole and Professor Parsifoot yet. Jason and friends immediately set about solving the crisis at hand, of accelerating Star Command safely through the galactic typhoon, but no one is watching as Peepo – reprogrammed to continue obeying commands from […]

The Trojan Horse

Star Command barely survived its passage through the galactic typhoon, but knowing that Dragos will be expecting to find debris, Jason plans to give the self-proclaimed master of the cosmos just what he wants: flotsam in which Jason is waiting to infiltrate Drago’s ship and take over. After capturing Dragos, Jason signals Star Command: Dragos’ […]

Frozen In Space

As Star Command slowly freezes in a temperature-lowering force field erected around it by Dragos, Jason and Samantha visit the source of that force field, meeting Drago’s savage new underlings in the process. But Samantha turns against Jason, claiming to be bringing him to Drago as a prisoner. As Star Command plunges toward a dwarf […]


Police officer Walter Nebicher is a danger to himself and others on the beat, so the chief of police puts him in the job best suited to him: running the department’s computers. Walter, still determined to fight crime in his own way, creates an artificial intelligence that manifests itself as a solid hologram – Automan, […]

New Arrivals

In the year 2249, space station Mercy Point serves as humanity’s primary medical facility at the edge of a hazardous area of deep space known as the Sahartic Divide. Both human and alien doctors practice there, straining under constant shortages of both supplies and personnel. Dr. Grote Maxwell and Dr. Haylen Breslauer, both humans, eagerly […]