Out of Their Minds

FarscapeThe crew’s usual sense of timing prevails when Moya’s defense screen goes down for repairs just as a Halosian ship attacks. The resulting energy surge bounces everyone but Zhaan’s consciousness out of their own bodies and into another. For Crichton, this presents an interesting opportunity to be much, much closer to Aeryn’s body than he could have expected, while Aeryn gets the shorter end of the stick inside Rygel’s body and Rygel takes up residence in Crichton’s. Less amusing is Pilot’s predicament; he’s not handling being inside Chiana’s body very well, and D’Argo’s mind struggles to keep up with the demands of Pilot’s body. Zhaan travels to the Halosian ship to try and settle the dispute, but Tak, the ship’s commander, is determined to destroy Moya, claiming that Talyn attacked his ship unprovoked. Zhaan arranges for the commander to inspect Moya to prove its peaceful status. The tour is less than successful, as Tak takes ill; worse, his vomit is corrosive, and begins to eat away at Moya. Perhaps worst of all, Tak’s second in command Yoz tells Zhaan that it was Tak who initiated hostilities with Talyn, and he’s determined to earn glory for himself by destroying Moya. Upon his return, Tak launches another attack, causing another round of body switching, leaving it up to Zhaan to find a way to vercome the Halosians and return her friends to their rightful bodies.

Order the DVDswritten by Michael Cassutt
directed by Ian Watson
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: Lani John Tupu (Capt. Crais), Dominique Sweeney (Tak), Thomas Holesgrove (Yoz)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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