FarscapeTalyn lands on a planet with heavy gravity and vegetation with highly restorative powers in order to speed his recovery. His deep stasis condition makes him vulnerable when the retrieval squad led by Xhalax Sun lands nearby, so Crais, Aeryn and Crichton set out to divert their attention. They are successful, and during the ensuing firefight Aeryn is separated from Crais and Crichton. Aeryn manages to capture Xhalax, while the mercenaries pursue the others. Aeryn decides to bring Xhalax back to Talyn as leverage, but the senior Peacekeeper is able to escape and overcome her captors. She critically wounds Rygel and begins severing Talyn’s higher neural functions in order to bring him back under Peacekeeper control. She also reveals that the Peacekeepers punished her for revealing herself to Aeryn before – by making her kill her lover, Aeryn’s father Talyn. With the help of the Scorpius neural clone, Crichton realizes that the squad isn’t just after Talyn the ship – Crais, now injured, is himself a target, and has been manipulating the situation in order to enlist Moya’s crew as allies. Crichton also realizes that circumstances dictate they continue working together to overcome the mercenaries, but he’s perfectly willing to let Crais sweat that out a little. When Stark’s efforts to revive Rygel prove successful, Aeryn has a chance to force another confrontation with her mother – but can she do what’s necessary to ensure their safety? And can Crichton let her?

Order the DVDswritten by Rockne S. O’Bannon
directed by Peter Andrikidis
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: Linda Cropper (Xhalax Sun), Thomas Holesgrove (Vek), Dominique Sweeney (Thek and Kek)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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