Episode Two

Century FallsAfter Tess falls into the pool beneath the waterfall, disrupting Ben’s power, Ben flees and is greeted by his uncle, who seems to have some idea of what’s going on. Alice Harkness lapses back into her nearly-comatose state after drawing a mask on a piece of paper. When Richard Naismith’s maid stops by the Harkness sisters’ shop, she mentions that Naismith’s niece and nephew are now living with him in Century Falls – the first that the sisters have heard of it. They immediately call for a gathering of the other village elders: other survivors of the 1953 fire. They form a circle and use some sort of mental power to try to peer into the lives of Tess’ mother, and then into the home of Richard Naismith. Unknown to them, the Naismith twins and Tess are watching – and Ben Naismith is using his own abilities against his elders.

written by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson

Century FallsCast: Catherine Sanderson (Tess Hunter), Emma Jane Lavin (Carey Naismith), Simon Fenton (Ben Naismith), Eileen Way (Alice Harkness), Mary Wimbush (Esme Harkness), Georgine Anderson (May Harkness), Bernard Kay (Richard Naismith), Alex Mollo (Ashe), Tatiana Strauss (Julia), Heather Baskerville (Mrs. Hunter), Beryl Cooke (Miss Cooper), Danny Schiller (Jack Fretwell), Ronald Herdman (Ted Wayland)

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