Episode One

Century FallsTess Hunter and her mother are new arrivals in the quaint village of Century Falls, hoping to escape the rigors of big-city life. They quickly become the talk of the insular town, and are greeted by the local landlord, Richard Naismith. Naismith’s nephew and niece, Ben and Carey, are the only other children in Century Falls, though Tess promises that will change when her mother has her second child in a few months – new that seems to shake the residents of Century Falls to their core.

Ben Naismith appears to have extraordinary powers, and leads Tess and his sister to the ruins of the local church, the site of a tragedy that occurred on July 17th, 1953. Somehow, Ben is able to give Tess and Carey a glimpse back in time to that event – a fire which few survived, and whose survivors began dying off soon afterward. But on a later visit to the waterfall that gives Century Falls its name, even Ben can’t explain the appearance of the young girl they glimpse through the waterfall. Tess tries to get a closer look and falls into the water.

At that moment, Alice Harkness, the mother of the Harkness sisters who run the only shop in Century Falls, who has been silent and almost vegetative since July 17th, 1953… screams.

written by Russell T. Davies
directed by Colin Cant
music by David Ferguson

Century FallsCast: Catherine Sanderson (Tess Hunter), Heather Baskerville (Mrs. Hunter), Simon Fenton (Ben Naismith), Emma Jane Lavin (Carey Naismith), Marc Sinden (Francis Naismith), Tatiana Strauss (Julia), Bernard Kay (Richard Naismith), Alex Mollo (Ashe), Mary Wimbush (Esme Harkness), Georgine Anderson (May Harkness), Eileen Way (Alice Harkness), Donna Fawthrop (Young Woman), Jennifer Harris (Little Girl)

LogBook entry by Earl Green